We’ve created a unique facility for Electric Vehicle charging in Glasgow city centre.

The Scottish Hydro Centre provides a unique base for EV charging in the heart of Glasgow. The facility  offers two charging stations and acts as a base for hiring electric cars along with an electric bicycle hire.



A space where you can learn about renewable energy.

Renewable energy is cheaper and cleaner than traditional forms of energy. At our Exhibition Centre we will show you the various types of renewable energy and how signing up does more than just save the planet; it saves you money too.

The power of now

The Scottish Hydro Centre for Renewable Excellence

Renewable energy is very important not only to SSE, but to all of us. Developing and making available sustainable and renewable power is a very significant area for SSE. By launching The Scottish Hydro Centre, we're investing in your future. We want to create a space where people can charge their vehicles for free, hire and test drive electric vehicles and most of all, learn about renewable energy.

Exhibitions and Education

Our base at The Scottish Hydro Centre will educate and enlighten the public to the benefits and the accessibility of renewable energy.

'We are at the start of a new renewable industrial revolution and can use it to power a sustainable future for everyone. Economic and social wellbeing, sustainability and strengthened local communities are within our grasp.'

From the Royal Society report 'Facing Up to Climate Change'

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